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A responsive Website design is essential for any Dayton business wanting to make an impact in the constantly changing marketing world. This is not just a suggestion anymore. Google penalizes websites in the search results for not being mobile friendly.

Defined by its transient nature, Website design work often needs updates or even replacement after the first one to two years. In addition, mobile browsing is anticipated to overtake desktop access within the next few years and in many market segments, it already has. In today’s marketing landscape, graphic designers are being faced with not only developing traditional website designs but also developing design concepts for keyboards, T9 keypads, mice, handheld game controllers, and other devices. Being flexible and responsive to the ever-changing environment is vital to reaching your company’s right audience and the success you desire.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

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Google demands mobile friendly design! A good web design needs a flexible foundation for use on multiple devices.

A responsive web design provides the flexibility for its use with multiple devices. Responsive designs do not assume what the width of a browser window is, and adjust to devices bearing both portrait as well as landscape modes. No web design, however, can be scaled effortlessly beyond the limits of its original framework. 

The term commonly used for this type of design is "Responsive Web Design". The content that exists on your standard web pages needs to be viewable and accessible via today's mobile devices. That means that the information may actually reorganize on the page to accommodate the width of the particular device. It also means that it must remain readable.

If you browse to your website from the browser on your smart phone and you see the full site on your phone and you have to pinch and tweek to be able to read the content, your website is NOT mobile friendly. Websites on a phone read in an up and down scrollable window and should never exceed the width of the device (you should never have to scroll left to right).

Does your site pass Google Mobile Friendly test? You can check here:

Note: passing this test might not be enough. Many sites use a mobile site redirect off of the home page but the inside pages of the site are still not responsive. If Google detects this, your entire site will be diminished in the search results.

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